European Oral Care in Cancer Group

The European Oral Care in Cancer Group (EOCC) is a multi-professional group of oral care experts working in cancer settings from across Europe who have come together with the aim of improving oral care in clinical practice.

What we have to offer

We have compiled a guidance on oral care in cancer that is an up-to-date synopsis of knowledge on how to best care for the oral cavity in the context of cancer treatment.

There are different treatments, different risks and always different people having to go through it. We know health care professionals are passionate about avoiding and alleviating side effects of treatment, and we want to help by making it easy for you to access the knowledge and material needed to do just that.

The guidance has been translated and incorporated by different national systems. By working together we have adapted the international literature into a compendium that will work. We will extend the translations in the near future and we are happy for any suggestions, comments or questions you’d like to share with us!

Who we are

We are a group of healthcare professionals from all over Europe and across all professions of those treating patients with cancer and the need for oral care. Meet us on the profiles page!

We are passionate about what we do – we have come to form this group as a result of everyones personal commitment to oral care as demonstrated by research, publishing, practice and teaching work. We have learned from each other and we want to provide the best material needed to make patients lives easier wherever they receive their treatment.

We hope the guidance helps you to improve oral care in cancer therapy, wherever you are – and we are happy to get in contact!

Introduction from Dr Barry Quinn

Dr Barry Quinn
Nurse Consultant
European Oral Care in Cancer (Chair)

Dear Colleague
Welcome to the European Oral Care in Cancer (EOCC) website. EOCC is a multi-professional group of oral care experts working in cancer settings from across Europe, who have come together with the aim of improving oral care in the clinical setting.

Having being engaged in delivering lectures and workshops across Europe on oral care in the cancer setting and as members of several national and international clinical groups, we are keen to use our knowledge to support clinical colleagues.

Mindful of the many developments in cancer care aimed at improving survival and quality of life, we recognise that the correct and consistent approach to managing oral care problems still remains a challenge. There is much evidence to show that many clinical teams rather taking a proactive and preventative approach to this aspect of care, simply react to oral complications once they occur with a sometimes inconsistent and anecdotal approach.

Using the existing guidelines and guidance from countries across Europe and international organisations, the current evidence and our own clinical expertise we have developed guidance and training tools to support clinical practice in the prevention/reduction and treatment of oral problems secondary to malignant disease and treatments.

We are working to translate the EOCC guidance and training materials for global use. We hope that you will download the guidance and use them to guide practice. If you are interested in hearing more about our work or would be interested in translating them into your own language, please contact our secretariat Sharon Poole at Sharon@athenameetings.com

We hope that you will follow us on out Twitter account to hear updates on oral care and how we can improve and support the patients that we treat. We hope you find the website helpful in supporting your clinical practice and we welcome any feedback you might have.

Yours sincerely