Ana Luísa Vasconcelos

Radiation Oncology Physician
Academic hospital and private practice

Interest in oral care, where do we come from

  • Oral health/care has been infused since childhood by family members working in this area and when I started radiotherapy oncology trainee, side effects of head and neck patients were my daily subject matter.
  • Working in a oncology/head an neck surgeons/dentist team I realize the need for oral. health/care since prevention untill treatment toxicities.
  • I am responsible for the inclusion of patients in clinical trials of patients with head and neck radiotherapy as well as working in conjunction with a team of oncologists including patients in immunotherapy studies.
    • Involvement in activities – what do we do

      • Specialist in oral side effects of radiotherapy.
      • I Worked on national and european guidelines on supportive care / oral mucositis.
      • All scope of oral care is for me a great interest – vonluntariee (, education, patients support and national orientation. (

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