Marinka Mravak-Stipetic

Professor in oral medicine
Professor in oral medicine, gerodontology, oral diagnostics , special care dentistry; member of multidisciplinary team on chronic graft versus host disease at the School of dental medicine University of Zagreb and University Hospital Centre (UHC) Zagreb, University Dental Clinic Zagreb, Croatia

Interest in oral care, where do we come from

  • From the beginning of my employment at the School of Dental medicine and University Dental Clinic (since 1984) focus of my clinical and scientific interest were oral diseases, oral manifestations of systemic diseases , special care dentistry, salivary gland diseases and oral hygiene .
  • Providing dental and oral health care to patients with compromised oral and systemic health, including patients receiving treatment for cancer and treating patients with oral complications of anticancer therapy and patients with systemic diseases that affect oral cavity, following holistic and multidisciplinary approach, prevention of oral diseases and education of the patient about how to perform oral care and preserve oral health was equally important part of my clinical work.
  • In my daily practice I met patients with oral mucosa lesions and dry mouth who suffered the most and whose quality of life was very decreased. Since oral and systemic health are closely related and impaired oral cavity health disturbs the health of the whole organism and vice versa, oral care is of utmost importance for maintaining both oral and general health and the quality of patients’ life in whole. The most of my clinical work was devoted in providing effective oral care and in promoting oral health to my patients.

Involvement in activities – what do we do

  • As a specialist in oral medicine, clinical dentistry and periodontology my activities on daily basis involve clinical patient care and research and teaching in oral medicine, gerodontology, special care dentistry (particularly pretransplant and postransplant oral care, oral care in chronic graft versus host disease patients, oral care in cancer patients, oral care in immunologicaly compromised patients).
  • As a member of the multidisciplinary team for chronic graft versus host disease at UHC Zagreb I am involved in oral care of these patients.
  • As a member of European Oral care in Cancer (EOCC) group of experts I have participated in the work on the first edition of the Oral Care Guidance and Support to cancer patients which is endorsed by Croatian Dental Chamber and translated in Croatian
  • I’m an active member of national societies ( Croatian dental chamber, Croatian medical association, Croatian society for multidisciplinary collaboration in dental medicine) and international societies EAOM ( European Association for Oral Medicine), EOCC (European Oral care in Cancer)

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